Why Obama is still vulnerable

While many of us were pleased to have our plasma TVs filled with the good news the White House offered up eight nights ago – that we’d finally tracked down 9-11 mastermind Osama bin Laden and sent him on his way to meet Alllah – one myth that popped up is that “this makes Barak Obama unbeatable in 2012.”


First of all, that same line of thinking didn’t work for Bush the Elder; he still fell to Bill Clinton after a wildly successful 100-hour Gulf War. And the very same line of thinking might be the key to his defeat.

As Dem strategist James Carville once scrawled on Clinton’s war room wall, “It’s the economy, stupid.”

Obama’s jobless rates, skyrocketing gas prices, attempt to shift health care into an already-bankrupt and overextended public sector portion of the payroll – it all adds up to such a serious economic morass that even capturing and killing Bin Laden won’t be enough to guarantee him a second term.

Sure, there are ways the GOP could mess up by nominating a John McCain clone; but if they nominate someone who’s a half-decent conservative, Barak Obama remains eminently beatable in 2012.

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