Perry will consider a 2012 run?

In one of the best bits of news conservatives have heard in a while, Tea Party-friendly Texas Governor Rick Perry, who is loud and outspoken about opposing Federal overreaching of the Enumerated Powers clause of the Constitution, has finally admitted he will consider a 2012 run for the White House.

He’d being much needed star quality to a GOP field awash in too many RINOs and lesser names. And if he sticks to his pro-Constitutional guns and somehow gains the party nomination and the White House, there’s a chance the US could return to the sort of Constitutional limits on federal power that haven’t been seen since prior to the days of FDR.

Heck, if Perry’s in, I’ll start printing posters for his campaign now. Aside from Herman Cain, Perry would become my immediate favorite for the top job in the nation’s government.

Perry-Bachmann sound good to anyone? How about Perry-Cain?

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