Trump becomes tiresome

Real estate mogul Donald Trump may not be running for the White House as a Republican, but has indicated he may jump into the race late as an independent, “if the Republicans do a terrible job as they have been doing in choosing the wrong person.”

The troubling aspect of this quote is that no one knows Trump’s personal political agenda because until he recently declared himself a Republican, he’d spent most of his adult life making nice with as many Democrats as Republicans.

So does Trump want a moderate like McCain? Does he want a new Reagan? No one knows.

A Trump third-party candidacy is the one nightmare scenario that could ensure that Barack Obama stays in office another four years. As Paul Ryan said of Newt Gingrich, “With allies like this, who needs Democrats?”

Personally, I would much rather get a fistful of lowe’s coupons than entertain a Trump third-party run. They’d be worth a lot more, and I’d be far more certain to end up with something I actually wanted.

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