Tax hike twins

What do President Barak Obama and Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton have in common? Quite a lot.

Both are liberal Democrats. Both are faced with GOP-controlled legislatures. (Obama has the Senate on his side, at least.)

And both are willing to go balls-to-the-wall on a government shutdown because they’d rather raise taxes than cut spending.


Oh yeah. It’s called the Dance of the one-termers.

Obama is currently losing to just about any Republican a pollster can line up against him, except maybe Gerald Ford, who has the excuse of being deceased. Even Sarah Palin in a Beyond Nice hot tub covers the spread against Obama.

As long as the economy continues to spiral downward, expect his tax-hike insistence to be the final nail in his re-election bid, hung up on the wall of history.

As for Gov. Dayton, if Michelle Bachmann doesn’t end up as the next vice-president of the United States, look for her to be the next Governor of Minnesota, replacing Dayton in 2014. It can’t happen soon enough.

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