Anders Behring Breivik behind Oslo attacks

According to BBC News, the suspect behind the Oslo, Norway attacks is one Anders Behring Breivik, who claimed a reported 92 lives in his assault on an island camp Utoeya on Friday. Some say the death toll could climb higher before it’s all done.

Breivik allegedly conducted the attack because of his opposition to the spread of Islam in Norway, though that seems speculation at this point. Yet many sources are citing as motives behind his gun- and bomb-fueled massacre factors as his belonging to and “anti-immigration party and opposed [to] multi-culturalism, Islam and the “cultural Marxists” of the establishment,” according to Reuters.

Whether any of this played a role or not, Breivik has vowed to explain himself in court on Monday, where he’ll be arraigned on charges stemming from the mass taking of human life.

It will take far more than an accident attorney to clean this legal mess up. With so many victims, the Norway government may need to hire a fleet of prosecutors.

Then again, perhaps Norway has judges who can make common-sense rulings and will put the self-confessed murderer behind bars without decades of court trials, delays and appeals. That might be a refreshing change from how his prosecution would likely be handled here in the US.

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