Walker vindicated as recall effort falls short

Despite gaining two seats in the Wisconsin State Senate, Democrats fell short of their efforts to overturn the results of the 2010 election that placed Republican Scott Walker at the head of the purple-ish state. Any receipt printer would pop out the same results: that Walker’s reforms have saved jobs and his state’s budget from cutting back on the state workforce.

Of course, irate teachers like Shelley Moore, who lost in a landslide favoring incumbent Republican Sheila Harsdorf, simply don’t understand that lines like, “we breathe union” turns voters off, as does demanding no change in their quality of life, salary and benefits when the taxpayers footing the bill for it are suffering from high unemployment and the worst economy in eighty years.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is one of the few Republicans serious about making real, difference-making cuts to spending, and an example for every GOP presidential hopeful to take note of going forward.

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