Politically Correct Gay Bashing?

While this is the season for beginning to think about unusual personalized gifts for the holidays, there’s a few folks in Dallas who earned nothing better than coal in their stockings.

Reality TV star and out-and-open homosexual Taylor Garrett, who stars in LOGO TV’s The A-List: Dallas, was “was punched to the ground and bloodied Friday night by someone vandalizing his car because he’s a gay conservative associated with conservative commentator Ann Coulter,” according to a report on The Daily Caller.

The beating came as he discovered someone defacing his car with the words “F*** Coulter!”

Said Garrett, ““The Democrats want me to live on their plantation as their slave, because I’m a gay person. And I refuse to do that.”

When he confronted the vandal, the man stood up and punched Garrett in the left eye before fleeing the scene. Garrett fell and was scraped up as well by some broken glass spread near his car.

It’s not the only time Garrett has been targeted by the left for being a conservative gay man; he recently had a rock thrown through his home window with an anti-conservative message attached; but the reports have drawn criticism from the left who are skeptical of his veracity.

“I would’ve thought people would have been a little more tolerant considering that our community advocates for tolerance, but it has been nothing but mean spirited attacks, especially after the Ann Coulter scene,” Garrett said. Explaining his lunch with Coulter, Garrett added he wanted to show people that “just because you don’t support gay marriage doesn’t make you a bigot, doesn’t mean you hate gay people, it just means you disagree on gay issues … The left has turned on anyone that might not agree with gay marriage, they have demonized them.”

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