Romney now the eventual nominee

I’ve never been a huge fan of former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

Why? Because although he has at times looked more conservative than other leading candidates, look who he was up against in the past: John McCain, Rudy Guiliani, Jon Huntsman, Mike Huckabee, and more. Against folks like that, even Barak Obama would seem like the more conservative choice.

The trouble is, when you contrast him against a real conservative like Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Bobby Jindal, Scott Walker, Paul Ryan, and more, he just doesn’t measure up.

But the people who decided to sit out are out, and the people who decided to run are running, and with Mitt Romney looking like he’ll win New Hampshire in a landslide, and leading in South Carolina, well… I hope for some upsets to extend the media attention on conservative solutions, but it’s pretty clear the Romney train is gonna run on time.

Newt Gingrich has been exposed for his limitations, the best candidate of them all – Herman Cain – has been driven out of the race, Rick Santorum has only been a Senator, Ron Paul is both insane and a liberal on foreign policy and 2012 Macys coupons have more value in a general election, and Rick Perry simply isn’t ready. No one else is viable.

So now comes the time where I’m gonna stop wishing for a late entry by Sarah Palin or some other dream candidate and get real: Mitt Romney’s not a perfect conservative, but so long as he doesn’t run to the left for the general election, there are things I can appreciate about him.

First, he’s been a governor. Second, he’s spent a good portion of his career in the private sector. And third, he’s not Barak Obama.

Okay. I think it’ll be an improvement. Now if only we can see him choose a genuine conservative as a running mate, rather than a RINO.

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