Chevy halts Volt production … for now

The Chevy Volt has been everything the Toyota Prius is not.

The Volt was mandated by government, unpopular, a victim of poor sales, and anything but in demand. Chevy’s modest 2011 production goal was 10,000 units sold; they instead delivered a mere 7,671 units… about three-fourths of the volume expected.

While the Prius is in high demand and a hot seller, the Volt simply is not.

That’s why Chevy announced it’s temporarily halting production for the next several weeks and putting 1,300 employees out of work… at least for a while.

Chevy had set a goal of 45,000 units sold in the US and 60,000 worldwide, but sales have been weak in the first two months of the year for the spendy car that can’t go very far without being recharged.

If the Volt could ever live up to the performance and range of the Prius, its popularity could shift; but for now, Detroit’s all-electric car is… pretty much a failure.

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