Putin returns to Russian presidency

A 59-year-old former KGB spy, Vladimir Putin won 60 percent of the vote to return to the presidency of Russia after stepping down for one term to fill the role of party minister. About the only change this signals is that there’s no longer any shadiness to who holds the reins of power in Russia; it’s always been Putin, ever since he ascended to power after the rein of democratic reformer Boris Yeltsin ended. It’s no secret that Dimmitry Medvedev was Putin’s gap-filler so he could abide by the Russian constitution limiting the presidency to two consecutive terms only, though there is no limit on nonconsecutive terms.

With such an overwhelming victory, despite outcries of election fraud, it would not be surprising if Putin wins another term in 2018. That would give him another 12 years in office, which would make him 71 at the time his current run would end. That means he’s virtually assured to remain president of Russia for the remainder of his life. Even if he survives the next 12 years, it’s low odds he’d step down at age 71 for six years and then attempt yet another comeback at the age of 77. Though stranger things have happened.

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