Rickles compared Obama to janitor

Legendary insult comic Don Rickels was at an AFI Tribute to Shirley McLaine and shocked Hollywood by not towing the Democratic Party line that all but silences punchlines aimed at the left. But at the age of 86, Rickels probably figures there’s not much he can lose; he’s learned how to get truck bed covers by telling jokes and has made a career out of insulting everyone – left, right, and sideways – and made no exceptions for the current president.

According to a report on Hollywood Reporter.com, Rickles said, ““I shouldn’t make fun of the blacks. President Obama is a personal friend of mine. He was over to the house yesterday, but the mop broke.”

It’s a biting, but ultimately harmless, line. Rickles has said much worse about Reagan. Yet in these politically correct, intolerant times, it’s treading on thin ice. It’s no longer the eighties, and Eddie Murphy is no longer making stadiums roar by employing an effeminate voice and teasing the gay community for their proclivities.

Then again, at 86, how much longer would Rickels expect to keep working anyway? Bully for him, for speaking wit to power.

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