Prez sez: Vote for me and I’ll make you a citizen

Barak Obama’s wielding of an executive order instructing the DEA to no longer do its job may seem like a huge power grab, but keep in mind it’s also an embarrassingly blatant election-year move.

It’s nowhere near as hard to solve this one as, say, a Ravensburger puzzle. In fact, it’s elementary, my dear Watson.

Goes like this: while losing support among Hispanics who came to the US legally, Obama thinks it’ll help his cause to offer a back door shortcut to citizenship, to those who entered the country illegally.

That’s a slap in the face to all the immigrants who came here the legal way.

And it’s blatant vote-buying. The only way President Obama’s team could exercise subtlety is if he stood at border crossings, handing out Celebrity Boxing tickets for a match between him and a Minutemen activist, and saying, “Vote for me, become a citizen,” on November 2.

And don’t discount the possibility of that happening.

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