In bold political move, actress adopts dog

In these troubling times, when the east coast is recovering from Hurricane Sandy as winter bears down, and the nation decides to double down on four more years of Barack Obama, it’s comforting to know that at least one actress has made a bold political move to help bring an end to all the trouble, distress, and turmoil besetting our great nation.

That’s right, folks: Denise Richards, one-time spouse of actor Charlie Sheen, had done the near-unthinkable: she’s adopted a hurricane-ravaged dog.

Wow. I’m sure those New York and New Jersey residents who’ve lost their homes, are in danger of freezing to death, and lack a home-cooked meal, but who will be turned into criminals in a couple years if they don’t have or buy health insurance thanks to ObamaCare, feel a whole lot better now.

Thanks, mainstream media, for recognizing what’s really important.

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