12. Rick Perry


Chris and Jeb

Once upon a time, I was a Rick Perry type of guy. He seemed to “get it,” and has been better for Texas as governor than W. ever was. Plus, Texas is generally a good state to have in your electoral college tally. However…

Texas Governor Rick Perry
Texas Governor Rick Perry

The only problem I really have with Rick Perry is that his 2012 run was an utter disaster. While he may hold the right values, he can’t communicate them effectively. And that’s almost as bad as having the wrong values. Whoever wins the GOP nod is gonna have to face Shrill Hill, the Porcelain President-in-Waiting, who can get away with saying “What does it matter?” about Benghazi and still be in the national dialogue for 2016.

There are people who have the right values, as Perry does, who will be far more effective than he’s proven to be thus far at actually articulating and communicating those values. Perry’s skill-set for running an effective and winning campaign is suspect because of his deficiencies in this regard.

While he’s not running for re-election as Texas Governor, thus clearing his schedule for another White House bid, my prediction is 2012 left too sour a taste in most people’s mouths and Perry will be overlooked by a number of more-appealing candidates with better skills in public speaking, debates, and out-n-out truth-telling.

I don’t think he’ll last long in 2016. But maybe he’ll surprise me. My doubts about him, though, are what place him this low on my list.

Even so, yes, he’d still be better than Jeb Bush or Chris Christie.

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