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Originally not even on my radar, U.S. Representative Trey Gowdy of South Carolina made a real name for himself in the past year with his fiery questioning of many Obama Administration officials on everything from Benghazi to the IRS Scandals to ObamaCare to ICE. No one in Congress has set a room on fire quite like Gowdy when facing off with the likes of Lois Lerner, John Koskinen, and Jonathan Gruber. His doggedness in seeking plain-spoken answers from those prone to avoiding anything like that has put most of the mainstream media to shame for lacking that simple quest for truth.

Trey GowdyGowdy has solid conservative creds and his media profile has risen with his energetic Q and As of stubborn politicians and bureaucrats has lent him populist appeal. Beyond that, though, his political resume is a bit thin, serving three terms thus far in Congress.

As someone in a very safe GOP district, he might be better off making a bid for Speaker of the House, given party dissatisfaction with non-stop pre-emptive compromiser John A. Boehner, the current Speaker. Yet that could be harder than running for president, in some respects.

Even so, due to his youth (he’s only 50 and would be 52 by 2016) he might be better off following one of two alternative paths. On the one hand, he could stay in the House and build his resume there, hoping to become Speaker one day.

The other alternative is to play the role of back-up VP choice to whoever gets the nomination, if he likes that candidate’s chances to win. If Rubio and Jindal were to both say no to being someone else’s running mate, a person would be hard pressed to find a more fiery debater than Gowdy.

Will he run in 2016? Probably not. But boy, do I like this guy.

And that just leaves us with the final five… the folks I believe are the best qualified to make a serious run for the top of the GOP ticket, have a decent chance to win the nomination, would have enough chutzpah to win, and then would actually govern as conservatives if elected, rather than as status-quo RINOs.

Get ready: my Top 5 is on the way.

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