7. Herman Cain


Chris and Jeb

Herman Cain was, for quite a while in 2012, my favorite candidate in the GOP field. The man has excellent communication abilities, well beyond that of Bobby Jindal and Rick Perry. Furthermore, he was a candidate with real ideas about what he’d like to do with the office of the presidency, had he achieved it … which is more than the last couple GOP nominees can claim. His 9-9-9 Plan wasn’t necessarily as appealing as various flat tax or fair tax plans, but at least it was an original idea.

Herman CainFurthermore, he’s already been vetted by his previous campaign. We know where the weaknesses lay and what they are and there ought to be no new surprises with him. That’s always a plus.

Cain is not a professional politician but primarily holds a lot of private sector experience and, best of all, we know his stances on issues. He grades out favorably in that respect. That is seen as a hindrance by some, and it’s partly why he’s only at number seven on my list.

The biggest deficit with Cain, though, is age. He’ll be 70 in late 2015. which would make him older than Hillary Clinton by two years. Since many are already questioning Hillary’s age-appropriateness, it’s only fair to question it for a man two years older than her.

That said, Ronald Reagan was 69 when he was sworn in to his first term, and he turned out all right. That said, Cain would be 71 by the time he’d be sworn in as president, assuming he won, and that’s getting up there.

I fear that Cain’s best chance came and went in 2012. When he allowed trumped-up harassment charges drive him from the race, I fear he may have closed the book on his best and last chance to secure the nomination. It’s too bad, too, because I think he’d do quite well with the office, had he ever achieved it.

Still, you never can tell. If Cain runs and if he catches fire, he still has a strong upside. Pair him with a younger conservative like Bobby Jindal, and you never know…

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