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14. Sarah Palin


Chris and Jeb


Among GOP loyalists starved for genuine conservative voices, Sarah Palin was once a nearly singular ray of hope.

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin
Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin

The former Governor of Alaska emerged from somewhere near 30 Days of Night territory to be unveiled in 2008 as uber-RINO John McCain’s running mate against Barack Obama’s run for a first term. With her address to the GOP faithful at that year’s convention, her plain-spoken, bedrock conservative values lit enthusiasm into a moribund GOP ticket that year that reminded everyone of Bob Dole’s “It’s my turn” run against Bill Clinton in 1996.

If Ms. Palin had been at the top of the ticket, instead of the bottom, history may have played out differently, or at least more closely. With her soccer-mom values and her core conservatism, she immediately became the target of the mainstream media giants, who determined to take her down, even if it meant condemning her for things they themselves endorsed. And that’s exactly what they did.

Be that as it may, Palin is not now, and may never be, ready to run for the White House at the top of the ticket. The reason why has little to do with what the media did to her, and everything with what she did to herself. The first crack in the veneer was her decision to step down as Alaska Governor. No matter what reasons she cited about how it would be better for Alaskans, and how she’d wield more power as a “free agent,” the fact remains that when the pressure cooker arrived, she opted out of an elected office the people of Alaska voted her into, and that raises serious concerns about her ability to stand up to the pressures a White House victory would place her under.

In her current role as GOP kingmaker and de-facto leader of the conservative wing of the Tea Party Movement, Palin has proven herself better than the average GOP Power Player when it comes to identifying winning conservative candidates and championing their cause.

Without Palin’s help and support, current voices like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio (who admittedly fluffed it on immigration), might never have made it to the Senate to become the loud voices against compromise of values before a shot is even fired that they’ve become.

Palin’s star was a genie in a bottle; her best moment came at the 2008 GOP Convention and then it fizzled. She’s better-suited now to the role of inspirational conservative king-maker (and queen-maker), welcoming genuine conservatives back to prominence in the GOP. Hopefully her efforts won’t be in vain, but yes, even now, damaged as she is for her own run at the White House, Sarah Palin would indeed be far superior to Jeb Bush or Chris Christie as the 2016 GOP Presidential Nominee.

But there are better options.

Ch-ch-ch-changes in the offing

Hey all.

Been a while since I’ve updated and it’s because I’ve been doing a lot of house-cleaning. I’m changing the status quo. I now have only a few blogs. (Four total.) And is going back to its roots.

By that, I mean it’s not just a political blog anymore. It’ll be a bit more personal, and I reserve the right to veer away from politics to mention whatever strikes my fancy… whether it’s about music, movies, my favorite tablet games, the latest goings-on in WWE, or any of the other things I used to run extra blogs about.

That doesn’t mean I’m not going to blog about politics. has always been home to that, and always will be, and my viewpoints haven’t shifted. I’m still the conservative-minded fella you either hate to love or love to hate.

About the only things I won’t talk about here are my books ( is the home of that stuff), writing topics ( survived the mass exodus of blogs), and my more spiritual-minded writing ( remains my home for that stuff).

But the pop culture topics may show up here. Consider this site my catch-all… not just for politics, but whatever’s on my mind.

Welcome to the new normal.

Greece will stay in Euro alliance

The New Democracy Party took the majority during the weekend elections in Greece, and while they will have to share power with the socialist-leaning Pasok party, the results mean Greece will remain in the European Union and the Euro, despite recent troubles.

The challenge is that Pasok will likely resist necessary austerity measures to staunch the economic bleeding taking place in the Greek economy. New Democracy, a center-right party, favors a solution that is a combination of bailout and austerity, but the going will be rough as their party failed to dominate the election cycle by a clear enough majority to set the agenda.

That likely means compromises with Pasok in order to simply maintain a hold on power. Ugh. Maybe the news isn’t so good after all.

Ron Paul: The Choice for Political Suicide

Word is, Ron Paul is looking strong in both New Hampshire and South Carolina. He is the one candidate who, if nominated, could force me to vote third-party.

Paul’s foreign policy is worse than Obama’s, and he’s only been a Congressman. While he plays up the grassroots stuff a lot, he’s simply not a conservative.

Not only are his foreign policies dangerous, but he gives aid and comfort in his stances on pot legalization, gay marriage and more. Why is he a Republican, again?

Oh, that’s right. He’s from Texas and felt he needed the branding to win elections. But make no mistake about it: Paul’s a leftist.

Bachmann, Pawlenty square off

If all Michelle Bachmann accomplishes in her run for the White House is delineate the difference between the real conservatives and the John McCain/Mitt Romney-style RINOs, she’ll have done the nation a huge service. Her first chance to accomplish that came last night at a debate in Iowa between the eight declared GOP presidential candidates. (Texas Gov. Rick Perry did not attend, as he intends to announce his official campaign on Saturday.)

After the floundering campaign of former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty took the first swipe last night, accusing Bachmann of accomplishing nothing more than “she’s got a record of misstating and making false statements.” Pawlenty, who is polling in the single digits, seems to have fixated on discrediting Bachmann to lift his own profile, rather than focusing on front-runner Mitt Romney.

But Bachmann refused to wear Cherokee scrubs and play the role of Pawlenty’s punching bag, countering his weak, unfocused, non-specific criticisms with specific issues she took with the way the Governor governed while in power in Minnesota.

Bachmann pointed out that Pawlenty implemented a state cap-and-trade energy policy, praised President Barack Obama’s “unconstitutional individual mandate” that will requires all Americans to buy health insurance, and quoted Pawlenty as uttering the phrase, “the era of small government is over.”

“That sounds more like Barack Obama, if you ask me,” Bachmann said, capping the list of Pawlenty’s left-wing prevaricating.

Of course, for Bachmann, upending Pawlenty’s history of RINOism is like shooting fish in a barrel; he’s from her own state and her knowledge of his shortcomings comes from first-hand experience. With Bachmann emerging from the debate still impressive and relatively unscathed, she’ll need to move on soon to a new target.

Lord knows, there are plenty of weak-willed RINOs still in the race, like Jon Huntsman, Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, and most importantly, current front-runner Mitt Romney.

Let’s be honest; Rick Perry is probably the best-qualified to take on Barack Obama. He has ingratiated himself to the Tea Party, has executive experience by winning three consecutive terms as Texas Governor, and is a solid conservative suspicious of the overreaching aspects of federal power, a devoted Constitutionalist.

The best scenario is for Bachmann to act as the conservative bulldog, revealing the unclothed emperors in the GOP field and helping clear the way for Perry to win the nomination. Then, if he could select Bachmann or Herman Cain, either way, the GOP would have a virtually unbeatable ticket that would be the best the nation has seen since Reagan-Bush.

Anders Behring Breivik behind Oslo attacks

According to BBC News, the suspect behind the Oslo, Norway attacks is one Anders Behring Breivik, who claimed a reported 92 lives in his assault on an island camp Utoeya on Friday. Some say the death toll could climb higher before it’s all done.

Breivik allegedly conducted the attack because of his opposition to the spread of Islam in Norway, though that seems speculation at this point. Yet many sources are citing as motives behind his gun- and bomb-fueled massacre factors as his belonging to and “anti-immigration party and opposed [to] multi-culturalism, Islam and the “cultural Marxists” of the establishment,” according to Reuters.

Whether any of this played a role or not, Breivik has vowed to explain himself in court on Monday, where he’ll be arraigned on charges stemming from the mass taking of human life.

It will take far more than an accident attorney to clean this legal mess up. With so many victims, the Norway government may need to hire a fleet of prosecutors.

Then again, perhaps Norway has judges who can make common-sense rulings and will put the self-confessed murderer behind bars without decades of court trials, delays and appeals. That might be a refreshing change from how his prosecution would likely be handled here in the US.

Florida couple turns table on bank!

Bank of America recently tried to foreclose on the house of Florida couple, and when the couple protested, they prevailed in court. Why? Because Maurenn Nyergers and her husband had paid for their home in full, in cash, and had never carried a mortgage.

After the judge ruled in their favor, he ordered Bank of America to pay the couple’s legal fees. When they failed to do so after five months, the court foreclosed … on Bank of America.

This sounds like an urban legend or some other sort of Internet fable too ironic and sweet to be true, but here’s a link to the actual story, which ran on WFMY Channel 2 in Florida.

Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. You could give me 100 eotech magnifiers and I’m not sure I’d be quite as tickled as I am by this story.

The oddest thing

OK, this is going to be more of an aside from my usual politics-centered entries, but I’d like to talk for a bit about an experience I’ve had with my wife of late.

My wife has really sensitive skin. As such, there’s very little in the way of lotions, creams, conditioners and makeup that works for her. Her skin reacts to it, especially when wheat is involved because of her wheat gluten allergy.

But we’ve found one type of natural makeup that seems to work for her. The type she responds well to are those using mud from the floor of the Dead Sea.

It’s odd how it’s used; you rub it in just like any other mud-mask, but then you use a magnet (included) to lift all the dirt away. All that’s left behind, when done properly, are the pure minerals and oils abundant in that water.

It’s one of the few things that works for her. Oddest thing.

Watch out, America…

Bible believers, beware.

The Obama Administration has let it be known that they plan to join much of the rest of the United Nations in rebuking Israel on the floor of the UN in an upcoming session, over the building of settlements in Israel. The US, long Israel’s strongest and most faithful ally, now seems to be joining the rest of an Israel-hostile world by this latest move.

If this is followed through on, many who believe the words of the Bible fear America could fall under a curse, citing a passage in Numbers 24:5,9, which reads, “How beautiful are your tents, Jacob, your dwelling places, Israel! … May those who bless you be blessed and those who curse you be cursed!”

Some say such a move is necessary if the end of the present age is at hand. Time will tell the tale.

Of course, one could always think of more pleasant things, like purchasing cabinet hardware.

Fed up with being force-fed artificial sweeteners

The entire US diet is being controlled lately, it seems, by the needs of diabetics.

I’m speaking, of course, about the vast proliferation of artificial sweeteners into nearly every major food product on US shelves … whether it’s labeled “diet” or not. This is all well and good for diabetics, but few people stop to consider this: there are people with dietary needs that are different than those of diabetics!

For example, my wife has a severe allergy to artificial sweeteners of any kind. You name it, it’s a risk of anaphylaxis for her. Saccharin. Aspertame (NutraSweet). Sucralose (Splenda). Sorbitol. Xylitol. Stevia. They’re all things that cause her to get sick, quickly. I’ve done hospital runs.

The trouble is that it’s in everything these days. Even products with sugar in them, or high fructose corn syrup, contains loads of artificial sweeteners as well, and most of those products are not marked as “diet” nor do they even feature any labeling warning the product contains artificial sweeteners.

Chewing gum and bubble gum, for example, are lost causes. There’s virtually no gum that isn’t “sugar-free” anymore. You call that consumer choice?

The same goes for pop. While all diet pop has artificial sweeteners in it these days, many regular sodas that contain sugar or high fructose corn syrup also contain healthy doses of aspertame, sucralose, sorbitol or xylitol. Some even contain two more more of these, all without being labeled diet. You must read the fine-print ingredients to even know!

Now, for the average consumer with no food issues, this may seem like a small thing. But when a teaspoon of cough syrup sweetened with aspertame can send your wife to the ER, believe me, you start to take it a bit more seriously.

And if you think this is a mere “pop and candy” issue, it’s not. You have to check everything from yogurt to fruit juice to cocoa to Kool-Aid to donuts and other pastries and, well, anything that’s sweet. Even some canned vegetables are stored in juices containing artificial sweeteners these days. Not always, but often enough that you have to read the fine-print ingredients to avoid a nasty surprise trip to the doctor.

Beware of packaging phrases like, “Now with a third fewer calories” and similar phrases.

And over-the-counter medicine? Forget it. Just about anything and everything from aspirin to allergy tablets are coated these days, usually with a mixture of gelatin and artificial sweeteners. I mean, can’t a person swallow a simple Advil without having to have it taste sweet going down? I’m not that old yet, but when I was growing up, medicine had no taste. Sometimes it was even chalky. But it’s medicine! It’s not supposed to taste good; it’s just supposed to work.

Yet during cold and flu season, just try to find a tablet or gelcap or syrup that doesn’t list aspertame or sucralose as a main inactive ingredient. It’s nearly impossible!

Look, if all this stuff makes the lives of diabetics a little bit easier, mazel tov! Wonderful! But what ever happened to consumer choice? One needs a DLP projector to look back to a time when all this artificial sweetener stuff was hard to come by. Diabetics argued for consumer choice then.

Now, their needs control the food industry almost completely. Only a few rare products offer safe sugar products with no artificial crap in it. Gotta love Heritage Dr. Pepper, for example! Or Sierra Mist Natural. These rare exceptions help, but it only fixes the soda problem.

What ever happened to cane sugar, sugar beet sugar and “pressed cane juice,” hmm? Or the most natural sweetener of all, honey?

And for the love of the LORD, why coat medicine with any sweetener at all, artificial or otherwise? It’s medicine. Buck up and take it, America! You don’t need everything to taste sweet going down.

Netanyahu draws line at Jerusalem

For over forty years, US policy for working toward peace in the Middle East has revolved around one policy: Israel must surrender land to achieve peace with their Palestinian neighbors. It’s a philosophy that’s still espoused today by US President Barack Obama.

Trouble is, no matter how often Israel complies with such proposals, the results remain the same: the PLO continues its acts of terrorism and demands more, more, more. In the latest round of negotiations, Obama’s Administration is pushing Netanyahu’s to surrender parts, or all, of Jerusalem.

But finally, an Israeli leader is willing to say, “Enough’s enough.”

While some previous leaders were willing to surrender the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, when it comes to Jerusalem, Netanyahu has said that’s a step too far. He’s not one wearing political lingerie of a weak homeland security policy; Netanyahu knows that there must be limits on how much land one surrenders before it becomes “too much.”

Would Obama surrender the East Coast, including Washington DC, to Canada to “achieve peace” if Canada were bombing US sites and cities regularly?

On second thought, bad example. Obama would likely just surrender the entire country.