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Fifteen years later, Clinton still jousting with Limbaugh

The Oklahoma City Bombing was a national tragedy grossly mishandled by then-President Bill Clinton, who disingenuously tried to blame talk radio and Rush Limbaugh for the event. Now, fifteen years later, Clinton’s still jousting with Limbaugh long after anybody really cares.

Of course, no matter the outdoor décor they are surrounded by, Limbaugh certainly played into Clinton’s hands on Friday. To illustrate the absurdity of blaming talk radio and Limbaugh for the Oklahoma City bombing, Rush on Friday referred to a recent Clinton speech and said any future acts of domestic terrorism are, ipso facto, Clinton’s fault.

Of course, as they always do, Clinton, his handlers and his willing media accomplishes missed the irony of the parody and are taking it seriously. Too seriously, claiming Limbaugh meant it literally, rather than as he intended it… as an illustration of Clinton’s demagoguery of fifteen years ago.

What else is new?

Bill snubs Barry

While it would have been nigh-well impossible for Sen. Hillary Rodham to no-show the acceptance speech of her former opponent, Barry Obama (check the records, that’s Barack’s original name), her “husband of convenience,” former Prez Bill Clinton, is under no such expectation.

CNN.com is reporting that Wild Bill is planning to skip the First Coming of the political messiah, Barry Obama, at Invesco Field on Thursday, likely watching (if he watches it at all) from the relative serenity of his Chappequa, NY home and the comfort of his hammock chair. WonderfulPessimist.com says, “You go, Bill!”

After making it publicly known that Barry had snubbed Hillary by not even vetting her for the VP slot, a Bill no-show is certainly in order. Keep up the in-fighting, Dems! We love it.

McCain rushes toward Dole finish

It’s 1996 all over again, minus the cheap pens the Dole campaign was so fond of.

After brokering a backroom deal with Mike Huckabee to rob Mitt Romney of a win in West Virginia, and perhaps some other key southern states, Arizona RINO and “the most qualified Democrat in the race,” John McCain, appears to be favored in California which could very well push him to a hard-to-overcome delegate lead following Super Duper Tuesday results. In West Virginia, Romney was in the clear lead on the first ballot, but failed to gain the necessary 50 percent, so on the second ballot McCain pledged his supporters to Hucka-BUST to keep the heat away from the former Massachusetts governor and the only remotely conservative candidate with a chance of winning left in the GOP race, Mitt Romney.

Much as I’d love to see Romney win, it’s now going to be extremely hard for ol’ Mitt, and the GOP seems bent on hurtling headlong into a repeat of 1996. Back then, a decrepit Bob Dole took his turn at bat against Bill Clinton, largely because of his pull with the Beltway establishment and party bigwigs. As we all remember, Dole went down to defeat and ended up as a national joke, doing Viagra commercials while lusting after Britney Spears.

McCain’s ascension due to the same sort of forces – the perception that it’s his turn after paying his dues, ties to Beltway types and party leadership, etc., – sets up a whirlwind of forces that almost guarantee the Democrats a White House win in November. The parallels are frightening.

When he ran in ’96, Dole was older than Reagan was when he was first elected. Likewise, McCain is 71 and would be the oldest candidate ever to win, if he did win. However, Dole faced a considerably younger and more energetic candidate in Bill Clinton, who was running for a second term. The potential Democratic nominee, Barack Obama, is a much younger, far more charismatic personality than McCain, and Obama will wipe the floor with McCain, just as Clinton did against Dole. In fact, it may not even be that close. McCain’s best hope is to go up against Hillary, whose high negatives are showing following Super Duper Tuesday results, and hope more liberals vote for him than for Hillary… which isn’t likely.

Thanks to back room deals and shady politics, McCain is making 2008 a replay of 1996. And if he’s going to be the GOP nominee, maybe a dose of a far-lefty candidate like Barack Obama is just what this country needs to get the GOP – and the nation – to re-embrace conservatism once again.

Democrats double-minded on attorney firings

While Democrats seize any and every excuse to investigate the Bush Administration and attempt to intimidate the nation’s first Hispanic Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, into resignation, they are also displaying their double standards. In more ways than one.

First, the Democrats all too quickly have forgotten recent history. In 1993, their guy – Bill Clinton – fired every single US attorney shortly after taking office. While replacing attorneys is a common practice when the administration changes hands, usually it is a gradual process, as attorneys in the middle of critical cases are generally allowed to finish out their work before being shown the door.

Clinton changed that rule, firing everyone in sight and gradually restaffing the US Attorneys Office with his own political cronies. It was unprecedented at the time, injecting such sudden partisanship into US legal proceedings. While the power was always there to do so, no president prior to Clinton had wielded that power so swiftly and completely.

Clinton’s attorney firings involved hundreds; now, Dems are decrying the firing of eight? That’s a double-standard. Liberals are trying to apply first aid kits to any potential black eyes they might get from folks with memories that go beyond last night’s sound-byte-drenched newscasts, by claiming there’s a big difference between firing attorneys in the Justice Department at the beginning of an administration, versus firing them in the middle of one.

Don’t be fooled. US attorneys, like all administration members, serve at the pleasure of the president and can be dismissed at any time, for any reason, without explanation. That’s how the Clintonistas described it back then, and the same principle applies now.

The real “big difference” libs are ignoring is a more inconvenient truth: there’s a big difference between firing eight attorneys, and hundreds of them!

Huckabee the first genuine conservative to announce

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee made it official today, announcing that on Monday he would file papers to formalize his exploratory bid for the 2008 GOP presidential nomination. Huckabee is the first candidate considered a genuine conservative to enter the race.

Huckabee, a native of Hope, Arkanses, is actually from the town of 11,000, unlike Democrat Bill Clinton, who claimed to be from Hope, but was actually born and raised in Hot Springs. Huckabee gained some national attention for a dramatic weight loss achievement that marked his tenure as governor of Bill Clinton’s home state.

Wonderful Pessimist still has huge reservations about Huckabee’s electability. When your return address labels come from the same state – even the same town – as Bill Clinton, that’s not a way to endear oneself to conservatives. And Huckabee’s name recognition pales in comparison to RINOs like Rudy Giuliani, John McCain and Mitt Romney. And Huckabee needs more than weight loss methods to sell his candidacy to the country; he’s running for president, not The Biggest Loser.

But as the only notable conservative in the race – and no, the extremely obscure Sam Brownback doesn’t count – one at least has to consider the viability of Huckabee, or surrender to the inevitability of the GOP falling into RINO hands for the next four to eight years, at least. Dismal.

Is Mike Huckabee a contender?

The nation’s still recovering from eight years of Bill Clinton, but former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, a Republican, thinks America’s ready for another Razorback in the White House.

Now, granted, Huckabee’s drawn some attention for his incredible in-office weight loss efforts. If he was running for The Biggest Loser, he’d be a strong candidate. If I wanted to know which are the best diet pills, Mike’s my guy.

But president? Of the whole USA, or just of Weight Watchers? Sure, there are some interesting aspects to the idea. Huckabee actually was born in Hope, Arkansas, whereas Slick Willie was actually from Hot Springs. Huckabee was also only the third Republican to win the state house down there since Reconstruction, and he managed to be named one of the five best Governors in the US by TIME Magazine.

Now, granted, Huckabee is a far more genuine conservative that anyone else out in the GOP field. He is a former Baptist minister and has given lip-service, at least, to teaching creation science theory alongside Darwin.

But if Bill Clinton has taught America, and especially Republicans, anything, it’s this: Never, ever trust an Arkansas governor. Hopefully, Huckabee won’t be the only option for conservatives in 2008.