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16 Conservative Names for 2016 and Beyond … Who Aren’t Chris Christie or Jeb Bush

Chris and Jeb
Hey all.

I know it’s a bit early to start handicapping the 2016 race, but someone has to replace Barack Obama in three years or so, and since the mainstream media is all about Hillary Rodham Clinton, I thought now would be a good time to start a list of names who show White House potential for 2016 or beyond.

Chris Christie

Those who follow this blog know that I’m a bit discouraged with the GOP of late; it’s not been a friendly place for conservatives for a while now, and given our White House success in recent years (four out of the last six presidential elections have been won by Dems), I think it’s time to start trumpeting some support for folks I think could win.

Now, when I say “win,” I’m not talking like GOP loyalists who love East Coast RINOs. I’m talking about conservatives. Genuine conservatives with a track record to back them up. Some of the names and faces you’ll see in this series are very fresh. Some are more familiar.

And I’m not going out on a limb to declare any of them “the next Reagan.” They’ll have to prove that to me.

But before the mainstream media drowns out all other candidates with repeated choruses supporting their favorite RINOs who are almost guaranteed to lose (or make a GOP win into a loss by governing like Democrats), it’s time to do some “shock and awe” at what a wonderful bench of conservatives we currently have.

Most of these names are folks with experience, or, in the case of a couple names, those who show great promise.

I’ll dedicate a separate post in this series to each of them. And I’m calling this series, “16 Conservative Names for 2016 and Beyond … Who Aren’t Chris Christie or Jeb Bush.”

Jeb Bush

Now, some GOP loyalists may wonder, “What’s wrong with Christie and Bush?”

It’s simple. They aren’t conservatives. They’re fails, win or lose, for the conservative cause.

“But… but… you want to win, don’t you?”

I do. That’s the point. And considering I’ve been contemplating voting third-party for the first time in my life if either Chris Christie or Jeb Bush gets the GOP nod, I’m out to promote names I would be willing to vote for.

All sixteen of these names are way better than Barack Obama. And even the least experienced of them would still be an improvement over Chris Christie or Jeb Bush.

So, get ready, folks. I’ll be writing this only as I can, but soon, you’ll all know these 16 conservative names who I think are great candidates for the White House … either in 2016 or beyond.

Signs of a Christie run?

While New Jersey governor Chris Christie has recently said he doesn’t see himself as being ready to be president yet, his former law partner and current adviser has admitted he’s considering forming a PAC to investigate the viability of a Christie run, because it’s like “leaving money on the table” if it’s not done.

Could this be the first signs that Christie might actually reconsider a 2012 run? Christie admits he recognizes the opportunity. As a red governor in a very blue state, Christie’s example has inspired folks like Wisconsin’s Scott Walker and Ohio’s John Kasich to be bold in cutting the fat from their state budgets without apology.

Christie’s in-your-face, unapologetic fiscal conservatism is a huge antidote to the bloated “compassionate conservatism” of the Bush years. And while the New Jersey governor may be in need of fat burners personally, he’s proven he can make even a liberal east coast state go on a budgetary diet.

Skills and leadership like that are rare, and that’s what’s really behind the interest in Christie as a White House antidote to four years of Barak Obama.

Perry new head of RGA

Texas Governor Rick Perry has been selected as the new head of the Republican Governors Association. He succeeds Haley Barbour, and will strike the most conservative take on the organization in years, a welcome reform. Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty was among the RGA’s leadership in recent years, typical of the watered-down nature of the group.

No longer. Joining Perry are Louisiana governor and Reaganite conservative Bobby Jindal, as well as New Jersey’s Chris Christie, Nikki Haley and Susanna Martinez. Overall, it’s the most conservative board of leaders to serve as heads of the RGA in years – possibly decades. While Dems concern themselves with apidexin reviews, let’s hope that Perry and company eye a much more important prize: continued conservative victories across governors mansions and statehouses throughout the US.

Palin hints she will run

Sarah Palin has made it clear that she is considering a presidential bid in 2012, and that if she runs, she believes she could score a knockout punch to the Obama Administration. Despite her personal convictions, though, some in her party remain unconvinced, preferring long-time party loyalists like Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee and others.

The landscape has changed somewhat since Palin ran as the lifesaver of the doomed McCain ticket, making the race closer than it otherwise would have been. One such change is that Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal’s stock has dropped without much explanation, while New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s stock is soaring due to his tax-cutting, budget-slashing, plain-spoken ways in a largely blue state.

The main problem is that party loyalists types like Romney still control the party, despite the advances made by Tea Party activists like Palin. If Tea Party support were key, though, Texas Governor Rick Perry would likely top the list over Palin, despite the fact that he has never indicated interest in a demotion from being Texas Governor to being US President.

So ultimately, Palin’s blatant water-testing is interesting, but much remains to be seen. If forces like Christie, Perry or Jindal enter the race, Palin would likely fade as a favorite. But if compromising John McCain types like Romney, Huckabee and Gingrich remain her stiffest competition, Palin could easily become the next GOP presidential nominee, just due to a lack of other energizing conservatives on the scene.

But it’s early; one’s time is better spent on designer furniture shopping than prognosticating 2012 political results.

New Jersey Gov: Freeze worked!

Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie announced that New Jersey residents can relax, if only a bit; his budget freeze has worked and no tax hikes will be necessary to cover the $800 million shortfall between the budget and projected income to the financially-strapped state.

The savings from merely keeping all increases out of the budget, merely keeping funding level, was enough to accomplish this; it’s a common GOP tactic for fixing budget deficits, and it has historically worked nearly every time it has been tried. Sadly, few since Reagan have tried it and the tactic is often undermined by Democrats who find way to balloon the budget anyway.

Still, Christie has pulled it off in New Jersey despite Democratic opposition. That’s not just the saving from “green energy-saving methods” like furnace filters, but real, honest-to-bankbook savings.

Well done, Gov. Christie! You can be sure “draconian” and other typical liberal sobriquets are sure to appear next to his name from now on!