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Anything but green: Live Aid hypocrisy

Kermit the Frog’s words have never been truer; it’s not easy being green.

Of course, that assumes one is even trying. The celebs participating in Gore’s Live Aid event to promote the global warming is producing … a hell of a lot of energy waste! Refusing to fly anything but private jets, the “energy waiver offset credit”-loving crowd set to perform in Al Gore’s “Pollute-a-thon 2007” will be traveling 222,623.63 miles all together to get to and from the concert event.

London’s Daily Mail reports that, “The true environmental cost, as they transport their technicians, dancers and support staff, is likely to be far higher. The total carbon footprint of the event, taking into account the artists’ and spectators’ travel to the concert, and the energy consumption on the day, is likely to be at least 31,500 tonnes of carbon emissions, according to John Buckley of Carbonfootprint.com, who specialises in such calculations. Throw in the television audience and it comes to a staggering 74,500 tonnes. In comparison, the average Briton produces ten tonnes in a year. The concert will also generate some 1,025 tonnes of waste at the concert stadiums – much of which will go directly into landfill sites.”

At this rate, even the writing pens that “green” journalists covering the event use will find a way to pump out their own share of pollutants. Not so fun when you are expected to practice what you preach, is it, Gore and company?