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16. Mia Love


Chris and Jeb

Coming in at the bottom of my list, for now, is one of the politicians I have the highest hopes for, but not in 2016. Down the line, however, in 2024 or beyond, Saratoga Springs, Utah, mayor Mia Love shows exceptional promise. And at the age of only 37, she has plenty of time to mature into a future White House run.

Ms. Love has all the right conservative positions on the issues; favoring fiscal discipline, personal responsibility and limited government, she is also pro-life, a supporter of 2nd Amendment gun rights, domestic energy exploration, and favors local control over Federal control on issues like education and land use. She is, by these positions, an impressive Constitutionalist.

Mia Love

In addition to her relative youth, Love’s minority statuses (she’s black, a woman, and a Morman) would prove a cure to many of the perceived negative stereotypes of the GOP on a national scale. However, before she can run for the White House, she still has some things to prove.

Although winning a local mayoral election is nice, she lost narrowly her first campaign for a U.S. Congressional seat in 2012, and has announced her intention in 2014 to run again. After losing by a mere 768 votes out of over 245,000 cast, she seems well-positioned to win the rematch in the relatively conservative state of Utah. But that will be her first litmus test; to win that U.S. Congressional seat in 2014. If she fails a second time, her career could falter before it’s really begun.

However, if she wins a couple terms to U.S. Congress, her next step would be to prove she can win a statewide office in her home state. That means a successful run for governor or U.S. Senate would have to precede any bid for national office.

That means a commitment of the next ten to twelve years of her career to building up her political resume, before a White House run would seem a wise risk. That’s not a negative, though. Along the way, she’d gain a lot of political experience that would properly prepare her for a future White House bid.

By the time Love reaches her fifth decade of life, if all goes well for her, she should be well-prepared for the national stage.

While most folks on this list will be ready for a White House run a lot sooner than Love, if her conservative credentials remain as sterling ten to twenty years from now as they are today, she could pose a brilliant challenge to whomever the Democrats are running, when Love’s hour in the national spotlight finally comes round.

Still, realistically, that’s a long way off and she has much yet to prove, in terms of her political acumen and her ability to win elections without sacrificing her conservative values the way so many do to “get ahead.”

But currently, we at WonderfulPessiment.com wish her much success in the future.