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Supremes to issue several rulings over next couple weeks

The nine folks in black, the U.S. Supreme Court, are set to issue several key rulings over the next two weeks before taking their summer break. One of the most important cases could invalidate ObamaCare.

If the president’s health care reform bill is struck down by the high court, it won’t be a unanimous decision; left-leaning Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg has promised “sharp disagreement” on that issue in particular, among the high court’s membership.

Is she right? Could it be a close, 5-4 decision that could go either way? Probably.

That means maybe it’s time to take up guitar and avoid headlines the rest of the month, until the court adjourns for the summer. I hear Recording King Guitars are some of the best for that purpose. Take it to the bank!

ObamaCare’s biggest setback yet

The Obama Administration thought it had an easy pass when its health care reform act came before Democratic judges at the U.S. Appeals Court for the 11th Circuit, based in Atlanta, but they ruled 2-1 against ObamaCare, labeling the individual mandate unconstitutional. Democratic judges who still recognize a clear reading of the limits on Federal authority in the Constitution? Who woulda thunk it?

With the vast increase in Federal spending mandated by ObamaCare, and the recent credit downgrade on US credit by Standard and Poor’s, the fate of ObamaCare now clearly rests in the hands of a closely-divided US Supreme Court, but will become one of the key, signature issues of the 2012 election cycle.

Many analysts, some of whom live in Branson Lake homes, suggest that simply striking down ObamaCare and its oppressive increase in all future Federal spending, could be enough to regain the US’s triple-A credit rating. The stakes for the 2012 presidential election cycle have rarely been this critical.

Florida strikes down ObamaCare!

A federal court in Florida has ruled that ObamaCare is unconstitutional and therefore void. While the ruling is merely a prelude to an eventual Supreme Court showdown over the matter, the ruling establishes important precedents that could lend support to an eventual Supreme Court overturn on the entire measure.

One doesn’t need a laptop computer to detect the flaws in ObamaCare; the judge ruled that by making the purchase of health insurance mandatory and a fine-able offense, ObamaCare stepped beyond Constitutional restrictions on federal authority.

That big giant gasp followed by a confused, “What’s that?” you just heard is the sound of liberals everywhere, astonished that America is still ruled by that “dusty old relic.” Most thought the Constitution had been completely overturned during the Clinton Administration.

Surprise! It’s still here, people!

As national debt hits $14 trillion, ObamaCare repeal looms

Get this: the national debt, run up to these levels largely under President Obama’s watch, is about to hit the $14 trillion mark. And people wonder why the U.S. Dollar is floundering? Amidst this fiscal disaster, too many folks are being critical of House Republicans’ plan to pass a repeal of ObamaCare, the massive overhaul of the US health system widely considered to be a job-killer and an economy-killer, as well as a budget tsunami.

So we’re already in debt up to our eyeballs and folks want to say the GOP has a bad idea by wanting to put the skids on to an entirely new realm of Federal spending (and the resulting increased taxation that will spin out from it?)

Seriously, what is the national media smoking? And can you find it on medical computer carts under ObamaCare?

Most still want ObamaCare repealed

Dems banked on the “pass it and they’ll come around” mentality when they shoved ObamaCare down the nation’s throat last week, but the latest Rasmussen Polls says a clear majority, 54 percent of Americans, want the bill repealed as soon as possible, in whole and completely and without reservation.

In a press release, Scott Rasmussen said, “the overriding tone of the data is that passage of the legislation has not changed anything. Those who opposed the bill before it passed now want to repeal it. Those who supported the legislation oppose repealing it.”

Most of those same voters also hope their states will join those lining up to sue the fed over the health care reform bill. That’s pretty amazing, and the Dems will ignore it at their own expense. Which is fine by me, and qualifies as one of those deals of the day.

Pelolsi promises health care reform no matter what

Regardless of today’s special election in Massachusetts that could take away the Democrats’ filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, the nation will see some kind of health care reform, according to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The power-drunk Dem diva said, “Let’s remove all doubt, we will have healthcare one way or another. Certainly the dynamic would change depending on what happens in Massachusetts. Just the question about how we would proceed. But it doesn’t mean we won’t have a health care bill.”

Never mind that most Americans would rather hear William Shatner discuss acne home remedies than hear another presentation on ObamaCare; we’re gonna get it shoved down our throats no matter what, apparently. After all, 59 votes is still a vast majority.

Sen. Schumer brags up health bill pork

Senior Democratic New York Senator Charles Schumer isn’t shy about the pork that’s in the new health care bill passed by the Senate this week; in fact, he’s bragging up the pork. “Every state got something,” Schumer said, according to a recent Bloomberg.com article.

Less concerned with New York jobs than with maintaining a Dem majority, Sen. Schumer has also been quotes in other reports as saying that any state that didn’t get something in the ObamaCare bill “didn’t have a very effective Senator.”

By which he means Republicans, who stood by principal for the first time in maybe a decade or so and refused to play ball with the majority. That’s why the vote was only 60-40.

Young folks not so hot on ObamaCare

As Dick Morris and pollster John Zogby have shown, ObamaCare is not getting a warm reception from young Americans. In the most recent poll by Zogby, only 25 percent of Americans under 30 support ObamaCare and the “public option.” Among adults 30-49, only 28 percent now support the idea.

This sets things up nicely to undo the “new Democratic majority” that Pelosi and Reid have been crowing about ever since Obama defeated John McCain over a year ago. That “new Democratic majority” relied heavily on young people.

Let’s just hope, when President Obama reads these poll results, he does lock America’s youngest voters up in steel buildings and ship them over to Afghanistan for his ill-advised so-called “civilian surge.”