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Herman Cain firebrands his way into the ring

Herman Cain, a popular columnist, businessman, political activist and talk-radio host has formed an exploratory committee to gauge interest in a possible 2012 run at the GOP presidential nomination. Cain, no shrinking violet, is an outspoken conservative who launched his potential campaign by saying the liberal media is “scared a real black man” might run against President Obama.

I wouldn’t want to take out a personal loan against Cain’s appeal, but as he’s held no elected office before, I’d gauge his 2012 changes to be, well, not as strong as many others. At least not for the top of the ticket.

However, if some other strong conservative GOP candidate came along and teamed up with Cain as a running mate? His public speaking skills and no-nonsense style could make him particularly effective. Just imagine the conundrum the Democrats would find themselves in if they faced the prospect of a Palin-Cain ticket in 2012, or even a Walker-Cain ticket, Christie-Cain ticket, or Rubio-Cain ticket. Even a Bachmann-Cain ticket holds potential appeal.

With Cain’s oratorical skills and his masterful understanding of conservative principles, he’s make anyone an effective apologist for the GOP cause.

Not only would the conservative value of such tickets stand several notches above 2008’s McCain-Palin ticket, but I just can’t imagine Joe Biden even wanting to risk a debate with him.