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Quick quiz: name the only sitting governor in American history ever to survive a recall election. If your mind went to anywhere other than Wisconsin in 2012, you’re wrong. Scott Walker is the only one to do it so far. And in a purely purple state that Barack Obama won in both 2008 and 2012. Not a bad starting point, since the focus of the recall enacted against him was: budget cuts.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

Even more impressive is that Walker not only survived the recall, but increased his margin of victory from his initial 2010 victory, rising from 52 percent voting for him to 53 percent voting for him. That’s unheard of in a recall election circumstance.

And despite pressure and media outrage, Walker continues to govern as a full conservative, not just a budgetary one. Walker is pursuing a conservative social agenda as well as a budgetary one, on most issues.

Plus, his modest cost reforms actually saved the jobs of thousands of teachers who opposed those very reforms and led them to try to recall him.

As a result, Walker is now filling the profile in the GOP landscape that Rick Perry once held; only he’s pulling off his GOP miracle in a purple state Obama won both times, not a solid-red state like Texas.

But with Walker comes the same questions about him that the nation asked about Perry in 2012. Is he ready for the national scrutiny he’d face if nominated? Can he withstand the national GOP urge to bow and scrape at Hillary’s feet, and instead actually take her head-on, on the issues, in a debate?

That’s an unknown, so I’m placing Walker at number 11 on my list, if only because of the question marks. He’s probably my top so-called “dark horse candidate” for 2016, because if he chooses to run and proves himself adept, he could easily leap into the Top 5. But not just yet.

Walker vindicated as recall effort falls short

Despite gaining two seats in the Wisconsin State Senate, Democrats fell short of their efforts to overturn the results of the 2010 election that placed Republican Scott Walker at the head of the purple-ish state. Any receipt printer would pop out the same results: that Walker’s reforms have saved jobs and his state’s budget from cutting back on the state workforce.

Of course, irate teachers like Shelley Moore, who lost in a landslide favoring incumbent Republican Sheila Harsdorf, simply don’t understand that lines like, “we breathe union” turns voters off, as does demanding no change in their quality of life, salary and benefits when the taxpayers footing the bill for it are suffering from high unemployment and the worst economy in eighty years.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is one of the few Republicans serious about making real, difference-making cuts to spending, and an example for every GOP presidential hopeful to take note of going forward.

Another politicized Oscars

Well, no surprise, but Hollywood liberals politicized the Oscars this year. Again.

The only real surprise to this is who did it. It was not a loudmouth, ego-inflated star like Alec Baldwin. It was a loudmouthed, ego-inflated cinematographer, instead; and one who needed the best diet pills available, from all appearances.

Winning cinematographer and Hollywood-dweller Wally Pfister decided he had more insight into what’s good for Wisconsin than, well, Wisconsinites. Tilting his lance at Governor Scott Walker’s face-off with state unions, Pfister used his win to pontificate to the unwashed masses, saying, “I think that what is going on in Wisconsin is kind of madness right now.”

Hey, we get it; you’re a union guy and you’re showing solidarity. But you’re not a Wisconsin taxpayer, so just hush up, will you?

Walker, Wisconsin, take on unions

Recently elected GOP Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is a man of action; he promised to take on Wisconsin’s budget crunch squarely, and he’s doing just that. Walker and the GOP-controlled state house and senate are poised to pass reform legislation that would strip public employee unions of most of their collective bargaining power.

In childish protest, because they know they don’t have the votes to stop it, Wisconsin Democrats copied a strategy of Texas Dems from about a decade or more ago, and walked out of the State legislature, out of the state, and went to Illinois, according to several online reports.

Teachers apparently followed suit, with over 1,000 public school teachers statewide collectively calling in “sick.”

By taking away their collective bargaining powers, much of the negotiating power of unions would be decentralized. Such employment conditions exist in states like Texas, but have been rare in the upper Midwest.

Walker has the votes to win this fight; if he maintains the determination to do so, it would free his state to reform education, as well as balance the budget, in ways that it currently is unable to do. Public trade unions cover a variety of state jobs from teachers to county officials to police to catalog printing. OK, maybe not all catalog printing.

Anyway, the move is a bold one and could either make Walker an instant national conservative hero, or, if it backfires, could doom him to being a one-term governor. However, credit must be given to anyone unconcerned enough about re-election to risk making real changes.

Scott Walker wins GOP spot in Wisconsin

GOP Milwaukee County executive Scott Walker won the GOP nomination Tuesday night to face off with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett to become the next governor of Wisconsin. Walker has been making some noise in GOP circles for his uniquely conservative approach to his county executive job, which drew fire from Barrett even before the two were facing off for the state’s highest office.

Now the fireworks are guaranteed to continue through November and Wisconsin voters will be offered a clear choice between the two. While it’s not exactly as fun as an essay on Phil and Teds Explorer

Another race, another Scott

Another Republican named Scott could send a Democrat back to his diet pill reviews. I’m speaking of the Wisconsin governor’s race, where GOP hopeful Scott Walker is the Republican front-runner. Walker, assuming he wins nomination, will be facing whoever emerges from the Democratic pack to replace retiring Wisconsin Democratic governor Jim Doyle.

Walker will likely be facing current Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett, the Dem front-runner. And in tough economic times, and with Obama’s popularity dropping like a rock with the economy, Walker might just be what the GOP needs to avoid back-to-back Democratic administrations in the Badger State.

Walker gained notoriety as an economic conservative, giving back over $370,000 in salary over his eight-year career as a Milwaukee County executive. His reason? He didn’t feel he should make more than the state’s governor. That’s giving back over $46,250 a year… more than many Wisconsin residents earn in a single year.

With those kinds of economic principles, and the fact that he applies them even to his own life, Walker could easily follow in the footsteps of Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown in pulling off a surprise victory in November. And if he does, and if Walker proves conservative on other key GOP issues, his name could quickly be featured among the likes of Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry, Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney, Jim DeMint, John Thune and David Patreaus as someone to look at as a potential White House contender in 2012 and beyond.